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Powering your RV camping off-grid without a gas generator

Live Webinar 60 minutes with Mike Sokol and Jonathan Schloo -

Thursday, May 30 2024

If you missed it, there were some technical difficulties with registering a few hundred of you for last week’s live Webinar. So we’re going to try it again this Thursday May 30 at 7:00pm Eastern Time. You’ll be able to ask your questions in real time, and we’ll do our best to answer them. Click on the link above for the live webinar and a notification.

Why you need more power for boondocking

  • • DC and residential fridge power requirements
  • • How to measure your power needs
  • • Ah, Wh and Kwh definitions & calculations
  • • Gasoline generator pros and cons
  • • Solar power calculations and limitations
  • • DC to DC chargers: Basic Theory of Operation
  • • Solar Generators from Jackery/EcoFlow/Bluetti/Lion
  • • New hybrid power inverters: How they work…
  • • AC power from your vehicle: CarGenerator with special guest Jonathan School
  • • Ask Us Anything: Q&A

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