Harnessed Jimmy

Exceptional Product

Exceptional, well-designed product. We’re excited about the potential this holds. Great job!

Jeremy Swampillai

A Wonderful Device

I bought one and my friend Jonathan Schloo came over to my house and hooked up a prototype, easily done by someone comfortable with a little bit of DIY.

Jeremy Swampillai

Harnessed Jimmy


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2000/4000 Watt Cargenerator

It works as advertised. It is a great idea. For improvement, an 30 amp outlet on the car generator would be helpful. I want not to need to take my heavy gas generator around.


This is a great generator. It was so easy to setup and works fantastic. It is lightweight and very compact. This generator does everything it is advertised to do. In my opinion, it’s the best generator out there.

Be patient

We have not been able to use it yet. Still stored

Dry generator works great~

I received this generator and promptly hooked it up to see how it works. Simple to use and efficient. Powered everything I tested out my Airstream. Can’t wait to get it out on the road where I really need it when boondocking at Harvest Hosts and the like. I’ll be the envy of others who have their large, heavy, noisy and gas using generators!!! I’m sure.

Exceptional, Ingenious Product

I was thinking about buying a Generac back up generator until I saw this. With few power losses here in Saskatchewan, I saved quite a bit of $$ by not buying a Generac. Plus, with it being portable, I can take it with us to the cabin at the lake!

Install Delayed

Was delivered on Feb15. Will have to delay my comment as have had to delay the install for personal reasons....spoke to Jonathan...will let you know as soon as it is unwrapped, installed and tested.

so far great. just a test

we just tested CarGenerator. worked great. easy easy. we plugged in lights and some power tools. thank you.

Personal support

I was very surprised when Johnathon actually offered to deliver the generator himself. He also asked questions as to why i ordered the 1500 w version when my vehicles could only provide output of 1000 w. He gave me a credit for the difference and showed me how to connect the product. I really like the product and the service was exceptional.

CarGenerator All Weather 1000w

Great idea, excellent product. Followed the instructions and had the furnace running in no time. Ready for the next power outage!

Happy customer

Excellent customer service. Patient and knowledgeable in answering all my questions. Looking forward to never needing the product, but relieved to know it’s there. Kind of like a fire extinguisher.

Custom options for CarGenerator All Weather 1000w
Good so far!

Ordered my CarGenerator and accessories on 11/28/20 and received on 12/14/20. The main unit is as expected. I was able to easily attach the unit to my vehicle and test the functions with my refrigerator and a lamp. I still need to have an electrician add the plug to my boiler. I am pleased with the build quality and the watt meter I added to the purchase. I also bought the furnace connect kit and although it contained the basic parts, I had to go out and buy additional needed parts to wire the box (wire nuts, screws, cable clamps, junction box & cover). I feel these should have been included. I also purchased the Bluetooth feature. The customer service at CarGenerator is top notch and once I interacted with them I was able to find & install the Apple app. This feature looks to be very useful and I would recommend it - so you know how many watts are being consumed by your appliances. I’m actually looking forward to our first power outage so that I could fully test the CarGenerator. I ended up buying three extension cords, a 25 foot and two 50 foot 12 gauge outdoor cords. Its worthwhile to measure in advance to see what your needs are. I’d suggest they offer extension cords as an add-on item. I’d also suggest that you have your furnace pre-wired for an extension cord intake so you are ready to go on day one - unless you can DIY.

The package is fine, I haven't got around installing the quick release cable

I didn't try the unit. I still have to find a way/someone to install the quick connect cable to the battery.

They are Christmas gifts and will be opened tomorrow. Very pleased with the delivery service.

Generator Review

Very slow delivery of product. Have not had time to connect generator and try it out. Hope to do so in January.

Must have item

This is a genius product which allows you to have a compact, quiet generator wherever you take your car.

CarGenerator is a wonderful device. I had thought of purchasing a whole house generator (significant cost, space issues, _might_ never use it) or a portable gas-powered generator (noisy, fuel storage danger, constant refilling, might not work when needed), but didn't like either solution. Finally started thinking, "Gee, my car has gas, is safe and quiet, runs for hours and hours; there must be a way to use it as a house generator." The Internet immediately revealed
We got ours installed this past week with the home integration kit, and it works like a charm! So easy. Idle the car outside the garage, plug the generator into the house, visit our electric panel, flip one or more transfer switches, and our furnace, fridge, freezer, and/or sump pump is seamlessly running off the CarGenerator. Beautiful!
Finally, the company offers good old-fashioned warm and personal customer service. I post reviews only when I'm absolutely delighted with a product/service; only 4 in 3 years. CarGenerator makes it 5. I'm delighted to recommend CarGenerator to anyone considering an easy, compact, high-quality solution to intermittent power loss at home.

Exceptional, well-designed product. We're excited about the potential this holds. Great job!

A few weeks ago Hurricane Dorian passed through NB Canada and luckily for us we had just purchased the Car Generator and were able to use it. Since it was the first time using it, we did need a few directives in starting it up but Jonathan was there to answer our call and easily walked us through it. Fridge scanned in at 161 kw and the Satellite TV at 262 kw and by using a power bar, were also able to charge our phones and whatever else needed to be charged. The best part of this is you can call the Company 7 days a week for assistance and Jonathan is right there to take your call. It is a life saver when you have no power and always have a vehicle in your driveway to hook up the generator.

Received my Cargenerator last Friday and hooked it right up to my Ram 1500 . HAD TO DO A TEST RUN ! Plugged in my compressor and , tada , it fired right up ! Wired the furnace with the supplied kit and it’s ready to rock if and when we need it !
Great product and saved tons of money if I was to go the traditional route and get a gas powered generator ! Thanks Jon ....

I normally don't get blown away by many products but my friend Jonathan Schloo invented this amazing product that uses a something most of us already have - our car! He re-framed the car as 'power' and his invention can power up essentials in the event of a power outage. I watched in slack jawed fascination as my furnace and fridges were powered up by the car with house power off. Awesome! Wished I thought of it! Best of Luck on Dragon's Den October 4th on CBC. I love this thing!

When the ice storm hit us this last winter, we took out our gasoline generator and… surprise it wouldn’t start. The gas was bad, battery dead and it would not start. I ordered this CarGenerator and jonathan the owner delivered it and also did a demo for me. He showed me how to hook it up. It ran my furnace, Fridge and Freezer without any issue. I am pleased with the product and recommend it!

We are now the happy owners of a CarGenerator which has to be one of the most impressive inventions I've seen in a long while. Jonathan delivered our unit on Monday and provided us with a demonstration of how the unit would keep our furnace and fridge running in a power outage. My husband turned on his 2010 Dodge van and the furnace, attached to the van via the CarGenerator and a 100 foot extension cord from COSTCO, started up. AMAZING!!! The unit is lightweight, compact, takes up no room. And no diesel fuel to store. So clever. It will save us during the next power outage - kinda' looking forward to one just to see it work!

I have had a CarGenerator since before Christmas. Thankfully I haven't had to use it.
But I really wish we had it back in the ice storm of 2013, when my sister's power was out during Christmas day and into the evening.
A BBQ saved the day for the turkey, but if we'd had a CarGenerator at the time, we would have been able to have heat and light as well.
My favourite part of it is the fact I can keep it in my car's trunk, ready to use it in any weather if and when I need it. I was going to buy a full-on gasoline generator, but storing that would have been a royal pain as I don't have much room in my garage to begin with.
Also, I can't easily schlep a gas generator around, if it's needed somewhere else.
The CarGenerator literally goes where I go. I'm going to take it with me on car camping trips, as it's very handy for providing clean 110V for my laptop, etc.
I've tested it with my new furnace (DC variable speed motor, peaking at about 200W), and it works perfectly, with wattage to spare. It requires the installation of a 110 volt outlet, which is straightforward, but an electrician can help you if this is something you aren't confident doing.
Great for wherever/whenever you need power in a pinch. It's a great little device and very useful!

We first heard about CarGenerator from a friend and looked into it as the product sounded interesting. We think it's a terrific invention that really meets our needs. The CarGenerator can heat our house using either of our vehicles. Its compact design takes up less space than traditional generators and is light and portable to carry and hang from your vehicle. Jonathan is very knowledgeable, professional and down to earth friendly. We would recommend CarGenerator!!

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