Harnessed Jimmy

Easy, Compact, High-Quality Solution to Intermittent Power Loss At Home

We got ours installed this past week with the home integration kit, and it works like a charm! So easy. Idle the car outside the garage, plug the generator into the house, visit our electric panel, flip one or more transfer switches, and our furnace, fridge, freezer, and/or sump pump is seamlessly running off the CarGenerator. Beautiful!

Tom Loveland

A Wonderful Device

I bought one and my friend Jonathan Schloo came over to my house and hooked up a prototype, easily done by someone comfortable with a little bit of DIY.

Jeremy Swampillai

Harnessed Jimmy


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Perfect product to save the day

I own an Airstream travel trailer, so I always have the car with me. This is the perfect solution for those times you don't have shore power, and the weather does not charge the solar panels. Its the insurance policy, that you hope you don't need, but are thrilled to have if you do.

Awesome product

I actually sell critical power for Data Centers yet my own home was vulnerable to outage’s!!!! That has now changed and for the life of me I can not understand why it took me so long! With the crazy world we live in it’s not if but when our Utilities get cyber attacks and we lose power for hours or even days. Great product love the story thank you!

CarGen 1000/2000

I purchased this unit for emergency power for my travel trailer. Although I haven’t had to use it in an emergency situation, I have tested it. During testing with my trailer is performs well up to 1000W. However it doesn’t seem to provide 2000W for initial startup. The unit trips at about 1000W almost immediately upon reaching that demand. I expected several seconds of additional power on start up. The size and weight of the unit is great. And not having to store or transport gas is really nice. Overall, I think it will work for me.

Beats a gas generator

I plan on doing a lot of Boondocking in my travel trailer and don’t want to carry a generator any longer. Generator hours and no generator rules limit where we can camp but the CarGenerator has eliminated all those issues.

1000/2000 watt CarGenerator All Weather Pure Sine

A few superficial glitches, nothing to negate the quality of the product.

The CarGenerator performed for all purposes for which the purchase was intended. It came with minor superficial problems which were addressed by the seller in perfectly adequate fashion. I would recommend this product.

Excellent Product

I was really curious about CarGenerator when I first heard about it. I am both an RVer and a farm owner and there are occasions when I need power in remote places. I am fortunate to have a Toyota Tundra and this truck combined with the CarGenerator offer a great solution to my remote power needs.

The unit is light, compact, and attractive - well engineered in all aspects!

All ready for a cold Buffalo NY power outage

Received the device and immediately tried it out on my 2018 Honda Crv. Easy 2 minute install and I plugged in a cord into the house. Plugged in a light and it worked fine. I had to figure how to shut off all the car lights-no problem. Next step an electrician to for furnace connection.

9.5 Hour Test

Tested the Car Generator using my 2017 Subaru Outback for 9.5 hours. Ran the furnace flawlessly. The gasoline consumption was 0.182 gallons per hour a little better than expected. To keep the voltage above 12.3 and around 14.1, I found there are three ways: 1) headlights on dim, 2) fan speed set at one notch below maximum, or 3) using rear-defroster. For option 3 be sure it is set for "Continuously", the default is "15 minutes". To change the setting for the rear-defroster on the Audio Navigation System Display > Home > Settings > scroll right > Vehicle Customization > Defogger > select "Continuously". The value is automatically saved. Checked with a Subaru technician, and he recommended option 3 since less distracting than turning the headlights on and less mechanical wear-and-tear than running the fan. Jonathan Schloo provided prompt, excellent service. Very pleased with purchase.

Very Happy

What a great invention! Everything you need for an install is included and the self-contained unit is completely rain proof. I installed CarGenerator on my wife's car. I recently got to use it for an extended time. It rained heavy when the power went out and the unit ran flawlessly. I immediately added another Quick Connect Kit to my car, so it can be run from there too.

Future use…

Just received our CarGenerator and are looking forward to using it when we start camping in May. As older adults, we love the portability/easy access this unit brings.
We have periodic power outages, so are glad to have this ready to go!

Great device

needed for my truck camper when boondocking. I originally ordered the 1000 watt but found out I was under powered for what I have. with awesome help from the service department, i was able to figure out my needs and they help in returning the 1000 and upgraded to the 2000 which now work with my camper!

Excellent Service

Jonathan provided superb support. Does exactly what I wanted it to do. Highly recommend.


Great service and product! Will write more after installed annd used. Thank you!

Good alternative to standby generator

Ever since the 2021 heat dome in B.C. resulted in record temperature of 47C, I'm sold on the idea of climate change. Although the Car Generator can't power an A.C. in an emergency but it comes in handy during winter. It is more than enough to power the furnace so you're pretty much covered for three seasons. Sure, a standby generator will cover everything but it's not suitable for everyone especially when properties are so close with each other like in Vancouver. The noise; air pollution and bylaw complaints are just too much hassle. Never mind the cost of having one setup.
The idea of hooking up your vehicle to your house as a power resource in an emergency is a brilliant idea. Every household already own part of a generator but not knowing how to connect the dot. This is where Car Generator shine and it definitely solved my backup generator need.

Excellent device; I just wish it could handle more.

I wish it could handle a small oven, or small heater. It handles the tvs and lights just fine.

Winter Special Offer: 1000/2000 watt CarGenerator All Weather + Home Integration Kit Bundle

Tested Car Generator

Hooked up Car Generator to charge my Lion Safari ME. Works great Safari ME was 89% and I charged to 100% in 5 minutes. Output Amps from 2020 Chevy 2500 HD was 13.9 amps. Love Product so far and looking forward to using it for future camping excursions.

Asking me to Review Something I Haven't Received Yet?

Little early to be asking for a review when I'm still waiting for delivery. Ask again in a week or two!

Received Product as delivered. Everything looks great. Packaging was fine. Have not installed product for use yet.

Great Product

A light weight, compact and versatile replacement for heavy, gas or propane guzzling generators. No bottles or cans to haul around Love it and highly recommend,

Instructions for installing the home integration kit were good. Everything went together well and tested ok. Havn't had a power outage to need to use the set up yet.

Amazing freedom from expensive electric sites.

We have had the best time with our quiet, convenient CarGenerator. We have a 16 foot AirStream Bambi and like to dry camp in unique places as well as National and State Parks where there are few amenities. Many of these places won't let you use a traditional generator, we don't like them either. Our solar hook up doesn't even come close to meeting our needs and so much of the time the sites are shaded or it's cloudy. The CarGenerator has done everything promised. We have been able to keep our batteries charged and even charged my E-Bike at the same time. We have had some puzzling issues with our batteries and the CarGenerator has given us peace of mind knowing we can charge the unreliable battery at anytime without bothering people with the noise of a traditional generator. It is so light and easy to use, quiet and reliable. The customer service is beyond great. Jonathan Schloo is responsive and available to answer questions personally. This is a GREAT product.

Unit looks great. Haven't used it in the field.

Received as ordered

Waiting to install the plug to my heater and then I will be ready for a bad storm

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