The Story Behind CarGenerator

The Story Behind CarGenerator
Critics of CarGenerator are a very vocal crowd. We routinely get comments from skeptics saying how, “CarGenerator is just an inverter and it’s your car that creates the power.” Others are worried that it's going to damage their car. Today we’re going to give you the scoop on exactly what CarGenerator is, and how and why it was invented.

The Ice Storm of 2013

During a winter storm in 2013 CarGenerator creator and inventor Jonathan Schloo and his family lost power for 3.5 days. When the house got cold, Jonathan looked for a solution that would work. He went out and bought an inverter and hooked it up to his Toyota Highlander. It didn’t take long for his house to reach a warm and cozy 23 degrees (70 Fahrenheit), but there were other challenges at hand. Despite being able to keep the house warm and cycle appliances, lights, and refrigeration going, he was faced with ongoing logistical and safety issues. This got him thinking...

From Troubleshooting to Inventing

Running a car inside a garage comes with serious risks including carbon monoxide poisoning. This means you need to run your car in your driveway, outside of the cover of a garage and that’s where weather comes into play. You need to keep your inverter dry to keep it running, which isn’t possible during a rain or ice storm. When you place the inverter inside the hood of your car to avoid saturation it can overheat, damaging your inverter and car. Standard booster cables will work with an inverter for a short period of time, but they aren’t designed to withstand this heat for the long haul. This means they can melt while you’re powering your home...that is until Jonathan found a solution that he applied to CarGenerator.

A Product is Born

CarGenerator was designed to give the power you need with safety, simplicity, and ease of use in mind. Jonathan worked to create a product that would protect the user, home, and their car. Custom heat proof custom wires prevent overheating when CarGenerator is hooked up to your car - so nothing gets too hot, including your car. He partnered with engineers to design a case that would be weather proof (rain, snow, sleet, you name it) along with creating safe technology to make CarGenerator a turn key easy to use solution. This is why CarGenerator is able to offer both a dry weather only and all weather unit to meet customer needs.

What We Got

Today CarGenerator is a safe and user friendly product granting virtually anyone the freedom to access power from their vehicle. It runs when you connect it to your car, as your car idles and will not damage it. CarGenerator will provide power using your gas, diesel, hybrid, or pure electric EV vehicle.

Pitching Dragons' Den

When CarGenerator pitched Dragons' Den we won the support of two investors for 100k. Want to find out more about CarGenerator on Dragons' Den? Click here. Have additional questions and concerns? Drop us a line.