The Perfect Generator For Your RV and Home

The Perfect Generator For Your RV and Home

A Special Feature by Kendall Jenner

Before the invention of the CarGenerator, backup power for RV’ers, as well as emergency power for homeowners, has required gas generators. Gas generators have been around forever and are a great solution in commercial applications, construction, and high-requirement residential needs.

For RVer’s, however, these loud, smelly, heavy generators are as much of an inconvenience as they are a convenience. Thanks to CarGenerator, there is now an 11-pound, quiet, efficient, and reliable generator – and the best news is you already own 75% of it!

How does CarGenerator remove the noise, smell, hard starting, and constant maintenance and refuelling of traditional generators? The answer is simple and ingenious: it utilizes the ultra-efficient engine and large fuel tank in your car or truck.

Today, vehicle engines are full of sensors and monitors to ensure they run as quietly, efficiently, and with as few emissions as possible. This makes them the perfect generator engine when combined with the 50-70 hours of idle run time time they offer.

Are There Any Risks for the Vehicle or Myself?

At only 11 pounds, anyone can safely carry CarGenerator single-handed with no risk of straining their back. It eliminates the need to lift heavy generators in and out of vehicles or dig them out of the back corner of your garage. CarGenerator can be stored behind the seat of your vehicle ready to go when you need it!

Since you’ll be utilizing your vehicle’s fuel storage, you won’t have to carry and store smelly gas cans. This is not only inconvenient, it can be very unsafe to transport, handle, and store gasoline.

Hooking up CarGenerator is as simple and safe as connecting a set of booster cables. Although there is power in the battery, there is no risk of electrocution because CarGenerator taps into the low voltage standard 12V automotive power system common in all modern vehicles.

Who’s been burned by the engine or exhaust on their generator before while refuelling or moving it? With your hot vehicle engine safely enclosed, there is no chance for kids or pets to come in contact with it, unlike gas generators that leave hot surfaces exposed.

Your vehicle is equally as safe as it is actually designed to perform this task. The battery and alternator in your vehicle run all the vehicle’s accessories daily. With your vehicle at idle, there is no need for these accessories – instead, the power is safely converted to standard 120-volt household voltage and used to power your RV or residential items.

How Do I Connect My Vehicle to my RV or House?

Connecting CarGenerator is as simple as plugging it in. With the battery cables securely attached to your vehicle battery, standard 110-volt extension cords can be plugged into the CarGenerator.

There are two 110-volt plugs on the CarGenerator to run extension cords to your home or cottage. From there, you can plug in your furnace, sump pump, refrigerator, lights, fans, and other household items. There is also a home integration kit available that makes things even easier!

A dedicated panel for critical items such as furnaces can be wired to your home so when the power goes out you simply plug the extension cord in, hit the breaker and you have power to all items wired into the CarGenerator panel.

For RV’ers, CarGenerator uses a 30-amp RV plug adapter so your RV connects directly to CarGenerator and all of the AC outlets in your trailer are active and powered up!

How Much Power Can I Safely Pull From My Car?

The most important concept to realize is exactly how much power you can safely pull out of your vehicle. The CarGenerator concept is simple: instead of using your alternator to power headlights, the cabin fan, and wipers, your vehicle is parked so you shut off all of those items and instead pull out power to do other tasks like run your home fridge, freezer, or furnace.

It will probably come as a surprise that many of these household items require no more power than vehicle accessories. CarGenerator’s purpose is emergency backup power so we aren’t talking about running central air conditioning or your hot tub, however, the essentials you need to keep your family and house safe can easily be powered by CarGenerator.

The flagship 1000/2000 watt all-weather CarGenerator can supply 1000 continuous watts and 2000 surge watts. There are larger units available for those with heavy-duty trucks or vehicles with heavy-duty alternators, however, 1000 watts is surprisingly more than enough for most people needing backup power.

To run your gas or oil furnace and heat your entire house requires between 200-300 watts on average. A residential refrigerator requires an additional 200-300 watts for a total of approximately 500 watts. This leaves you with an additional 500 watts for lights, chargers, fans, and intermittent sump pump use if required.

When we compare this to a vehicle with lights, heater, wipers, radio, and other accessories running, the power usage is very similar. During daily use, your vehicle charging system keeps your battery fully charged, and while using CarGenerator the system operates the same with no worry of draining your vehicle battery. With modern vehicles capable of idling for 50-70 hours on a tank of fuel, this means minimal checking in or refuelling.

A Proven Safe, Reliable, and Loved Backup Power Source

CarGenerator has proven itself over the company’s nearly decade-long existence to be a safe, reliable source of backup power for RV’ers and homeowners. It was an immediate success and impressed the team of investors on the hit show Dragon’s Den who were eager to be a part of CarGenerator’s journey.

Thousands of satisfied customers and tons of positive reviews are the result of a combination of extensive research and development and real-world testing. CarGenerator from the start was intended to be used in wet harsh weather and be safely compatible with any vehicle. Gas, diesel, hybrid, and pure EV electric vehicles can all safely power CarGenerator.

The patented weatherproof case makes it possible and safely houses the sensitive electronics inside the industrial pure sine wave inverter. Completing the connection with custom engine heatproof booster-styler cables ensures a safe transfer of power that meets Canadian and American safety standards.

All CarGenerator models as well as the home integration kit, and accessories are available with more information and reviews at

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