The Essential Traits of a Successful Prepper

The Essential Traits of a Successful Prepper
Hearing the stories and reading the feedback from those who have embraced Car Generator is a rewarding way to get to know our customers. As we spend time with those who love the great outdoors, the off-roaders, the campers, the preppers, the survivalists, and the boy & girl scouts of the world, something has become clear…we have a type. In 1907, an English soldier Baden-Powell, created the Scouting motto: Be Prepared. This is meant to be in a constant state of fitness in mind and body, to complete your duty (whatever life sends you). The Scouting way of life embodies one of the core personality qualities of Car Generator customers, but so are a lot of traits shared with other preppers. Do you have what it takes to be a successful prepper? How many of these essential habits of a survivalist do you have?

Never, Ever Stop Learning

With a child-like curiosity, those who are best prepared never stop learning and constantly upgrade their skills. Whether they’re working on their map skills, perfecting their fire skills, reading about survival, or taking courses on edible food found in the wilderness, their sense of wonder keeps them motivated to learn more each day.

They Know That Practice Makes Perfect

Knowledge is great, but can you apply it? Having a fire safety plan is wonderful, put practicing it so you can execute it when an emergency arises is key to its success. Knowing the basic skills of survival are great, but without practice you get rusty, so build that fire, clean that fish, and remember preparedness is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Masters of Improvisation

They’re problem solvers. They like puzzles and to fix things, and don’t get frazzled when they must go to plan B, C, or D to make things work. They can plan new routes when there is traffic (or a fire), they can turn a soup can into a stove, they’re inventors. Some preppers call this ‘The MacGyver Instinct’, but no matter what you call it, it’s an important trait to help anyone survive disaster.

Organized Planners

Knowing what to do is one thing but having the organizational skills to maintain and execute a plan is important. Having an emergency kit is a wonderful start but having the organizational wherewithal to check expiration dates on foods (and replace them) and test batteries is also important, as is knowing where your emergency water supply is.

They Work Towards Mental & Physical Fitness

We’re not talking about body builders and yoga bodies (not to say you can’t have these and be an excellent survivalist). What’s the point of having a backpack full of gear if you can’t even carry it? Preppers work towards being able to move around freely and easily, whether it’s hiking or walking, to be able to perform functional fitness tasks when they need to do so. They keep their minds sharp to be able to better adapt and problem solve.

An Open Ear & an Open Mind

We learn best from others when we have an open mind. Being able to collaborate every day and in disaster is the key to success.

Practice Self-Sustaining Hobbies

Being able to garden, sew, knit, raise animals, cook, and fish are a few of the self-sustaining hobbies that help you become more self-reliant.

Embracing Their Community to Help Others

Living by the ‘teach a person to fish’ philosophy they help others in need when they can. They lend a hand, food, and help those in need and are excellent teachers.