Perfect Prepper Products He’ll Love For Father’s Day

Perfect Prepper Products He’ll Love For Father’s Day
Father’s Day is right around the corner. Just about every dad has received a ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ mug, tie, or BBQ accessories for Father’s Day. Why not surprise him this year with a gift that will help him connect his inner survivalist? Here are six prepper products he’s sure to love.

The Number One Survival Essential

Safe drinking water is key for survival. This means interest in LifeStraw purifiers has soared. LifeStraw products boast the removal of 99.999999% of bacteria, 99.999% of parasites, and 99.999% of microplastics. They also reduce metals, chlorine, and pesticides from your drinking water. While the traditional original and award winning straw product is great for hiking, backwoods adventures, and more, there are also other products you can buy. LifeStraw offers, water bottle inserts, water bottles, a 7-cup glass water filter pitcher called LifeStraw Home for the cottage or RV, and LifeStraw Community (holding 13 gallons of water) perfect of emergency response or humanitarian work.

Sentimental, Yet Practical

Let him figure out where he’s going and remember where he’s been with a compass. Choose from military grade options with waterproof and glow in the dark navigation functionality or go for something with an antique feel. Engraving with a personal message is optional (or you can just write it in the card). Many dads like this gift because they can use it to help teach their kids basic survival skills like compass use and map reading.

For Off The Grid Dad

Whether dad enjoys an annual fishing or hunting trip off the grid, the family is off roading, or reliable cell service hasn’t quite reached your cabin, a safe family is a happy one. No satellite, cell service, or Wi-Fi is needed for this GPS Tracking and Chat Off Grid. This pairs with your smart phone to help you communicate from remote locations when you create your own network. Now you can connect with friends, family, and emergency services, even when there is no cell service in the area. It’s water resistant and can be used for camping, skiing, hiking, and more!

Fashionably Functional Father

This gift is a fashionably five in one survival tool that he can wear any time. Whether he’s a climber, a camper, Scout leader, prepper, or outdoorsman, he’ll love this paracord survival bracelet. The bracelet includes a compass, flint fire starter, fire scraper (which can be used as an emergency knife in a pinch), and whistle. It’s adjustable in size, light weight, and even comes with a pamphlet filled with survival ideas. The paracord can be used on a regular camping trip as a portable clothing line.

Survivalist Reading List

Help him get started on his summer reading, whether you want to get him something that will help him bone up on his emergency preparation with a SAS Survival Handbook or help him master the arts of bush craft. When he’s done reading it he can place it in your emergency kit, for easy reference.

The Gift Of CarGenerator

We just had to add CarGenerator to the gift list for dad! CarGenerator is perfect for anyone who wants to access power on their own terms (while they reconnect with nature) or want to be better prepared the next time they lose power. This is a perfect gift for dad and will provide security for the whole family since it’s light enough for anyone from the kids to grandma to haul in an emergency!