Is it Time to Install a Transfer Switch?

Is it Time to Install a Transfer Switch?
Spring is in the air. This means it’s time for outdoor projects, renovations, and taking care of business whether it’s at home or at your cottage. While warm weather brings us fun and outdoor adventures, the best preppers are like the ant from Aesop’s Fables. They take advantage of the fair weather to prepare for the future. When you begin to work on your list of ‘must dos’ this year, it might be time to ask yourself whether or not the installation of a transfer switch is something to add to your schedule. Home maintenance isn’t just about the projects you take on yourself, it’s also about the ones you outsource to other capable professionals.

How a Transfer Switch Works When You Lose Power

When there is a power outage it means that the flow of power to your electrical system is lost. A transfer switch allows you to literally flip a ‘switch’ between your primary power switch and your backup generator. This removes a lot of hassle for those who live in an area with a lot of power interruptions, who have mobility issues, are in remote locations, or who are looking to further simplify and streamline their emergency back-up systems. A transfer switch must be installed by a licensed electrician and helps make the use of a backup power source, like Car Generator, nearly seamless the next time the power goes out.

What Items Should I Connect My Transfer Switch to Run?

It’s recommended that you use your Transfer Switch and Backup Generator to run your furnace, lights in the most frequently used rooms/most important rooms (like your living room, kitchen and bathroom), your fridge to help keep your food fresh (click here to get tips on keeping your food fresh when you lose power), and even your Wi-Fi router to help you keep connected to loved ones and updated on important news during an emergency. If you have an electronic garage door opener it’s also recommended to power this with your switch/generator so you can access your car should you need to evacuate the area quickly.

Solar Options

Whether you’re looking to consciously live more environmentally consciously, increase your independence for ‘off-grid’ living, or are in an area where the loss of power for several days is likely, solar panels on your roof can be integrated into your transfer switch back-up system. Talk to your electrician about the best ways to access the energy from your solar panels when you lose power. If you want to purchase a transfer switch, consider the CarGenerator Transfer Station. For $399 CAD, it will allow you to easily attach CarGenerator, or any other portable generator. Buy it here: