Great Gifts for Grads & Dads

Great Gifts for Grads & Dads
June truly is the time for dads and grads. It’s a time for togetherness before we set sail for our summer adventures. This being the case it’s also the time that we need to purchase gifts for people who might not be the easiest to shop for. Luckily, we have you covered! Some say the journey is more important than the destination. This adage is prominent in travel, career paths, personal goals, and more. It can also be applied to creating products with craftmanship that will last for the long haul. With more and more people searching for an experience over the ‘more stuff’ mentality, and opting for higher quality products to enjoy that will last longer, you can incorporate this into your gifting this spring.

Behind The Scenes Tour

Perhaps the person you’re purchasing for is curious about how things. Maybe they want to get a front row seat behind the scenes of how their favourite libation is made. A gift where you get to see how stuff is made is sure to impress. Get a tour of a local brewery, brewpub, winery, or distillery so you can see how it’s made and sample the product. A cooking class where you learn how to cook favourite meals could be a great way for dad to up his recipe game, or prepare a young student to cook fantastic meals as they head out on their own. Have they always wanted to be able to fight like someone in their favourite action movies or survive like the best on The History Channel hit Alone? Get them a pass to attend a class to up their skillset - better yet attend it together. Check out our video showcasing the behind the scenes process that goes into creating CarGenerator and making it great!

Making It Work

Handmade gifts are truly special, even if you’re not particularly crafty or creative. They are personalized, often unexpected, unique, clever, and come straight from the heart. They also make a fantastic present for the person who has everything. Dads and grads will both enjoy gift baskets, whether it’s filled with their favourite treats to stock the pantry, jerkys and cheeses, or supplies for a movie night in. The beauty of digital photography is that we’re able to create amazing gifts featuring favourite photos. Create a personalized coffee mug, beach towel, or set of coasters. Celebrate them with photos whether you’re affixing them to coasters, beach towels, playing cards, phone cases and covers, aprons, blankets, or virtually anything you can imagine. If you don’t want to start from scratch, consider hitting up a garage sale or local thrift store. You can repurpose hockey sticks into photo frames or transform that vintage wooden soda crate into something they’ll adore. Pinterest has a ton of tutorials on simple gift solutions that will turn one person’s trash into another’s treasure, click here to see some of our favourite simple woodworking projects you can complete with 2X4s.

Same Old Gift, Amazing Presentation

Giving a grad some money? Consider displaying it in an interesting or unusual way. Buzzfeed and Pinterest have many great ideas that any grad will love. The money tree or money pizza box are our personal favourites! To check out more of our Father's Day gift ideas click here