From Fun to Function – Putting CarGenerator to Work

From Fun to Function – Putting CarGenerator to Work
Demonstrations and website descriptions can only tell you so much about a product. It’s always rewarding to find out about the practical uses of CarGenerator and how we can help real people in need. These are the preppers, the outdoors people, the families, the campers, the survivalists, the adventurers, and those who volunteer to help others.

Real People, Real Solutions

A few weeks ago, more than 300,000 Quebec residents were without power and in need of a backup plan. CarGenerator customer Bruno and his fiancée remembered seeing our pitch on Dragons’ Den and were amazed at our product. During a powerless, candlelight conversation the couple recounted how wonderful CarGenerator would be to help them out of their jam. Bruno recalls how they’d always said they should invest in this backup measure ‘just in case’ – and just as they were faced with no power or running well water, they knew it was time. After a brief conversation with Bruno about his needs we were able to overnight ship him a CarGenerator of his own to run, using either his Saturn or Mitsubishi Outlander. Bruno and his partner were able to face their emergency head-on, are prepared for the next time they’re without power, and are now both vocal advocates of our products.

The Trade Up Program That Keeps Giving

Many people don’t know this, but CarGenerator offers a trade-up program to all customers. If you decide you want a bigger powered unit, we will provide a full credit of the amount you paid for your existing CarGenerator product towards your upgrade for up to a year after your original purchase. Here’s the neat part – and why/how CarGenerator can provide this offer - our partnership with GlobalMedic! GlobalMedic is a disaster relief program that dispatches Canadian volunteers globally to provide aid in aftermath following disaster and crisis. Most GlobalMedic volunteers have backgrounds in the profession of first-response, using their expertise at home and around the globe. GlobalMedic volunteers provide critical intervention to help save lives and reduce suffering. To date GlobalMedic has been able to respond to 205 instances of disaster and crisis, benefit over 3.1 million people from their efforts, in 70 countries. When you trade-up your existing CarGenerator we donate your old one to GlobalMedic. This allows them to access power wherever, whenever, to help people around the world, so long as they have access to a vehicle. Medical equipment ranging from breathing machines (respirators, ventilators), oxygen pumps, dialysis equipment, and more require power that can be provided by CarGenerator to function easily and effectively.

To find out more about GlobalMedic RESCUAV check out our YouTube video.

If you are interested in volunteering for GlobalMedic as a local or international volunteer click here. If you are interested in finding out more about trading-up your CarGenerator so your unit can be donated to GlobalMedic, contact us.