8 Mini Escapes For The Long Weekend When You Can’t Get Away

8 Mini Escapes For The Long Weekend When You Can’t Get Away
The beginning of summer vacations, long days, and long weekends is finally here! Everyone loves long weekends because they feel like bonus time that we get to use however we like. There’s nothing quite like long weekends in the summer as the perfect mini escape! Long weekends give us a short escape from our routines, and some say that three-day weekends are even better for our mental health when compared with a longer getaway. The thought process behind this is that it’s less stressful and costly to plan a shorter getaway than a longer one, there is less pressure to make it ‘the best vacation ever’ and it allows for us to have more frequent breaks and use our vacation days strategically (with less catch up when we get back to the daily grind). Even though these long weekends are great escapes, sometimes we can’t manage a full weekend away. Other times we forget to plan and the weekend sneaks up on us. Before you are filled with a sense of regret and FOMO, don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are eight ideas for mini escapes to help you adventure, relax, recharge, connect with nature, and get the most out of your long weekend – one day at a time.

Take A Hike

There are so many amazing hiking spots that are worth exploring. Provincial parks offer day passes to allow you to come, park, explore, and enjoy a picnic along the way. Search online for hikes based on various factors that interest you like waterfalls , caves, panoramic lookouts, and more. Consider following some social media accounts dedicated to travel, exploration, and entertainment where you live. Sit down and Google Search ideas near where you live for amazing trails to explore 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or two hours away from you. Save ideas you like somewhere central where you can look them up when the time comes to hit the trails.

Plan Your Next Vacation

Research has revealed that the happiest part of your vacation isn’t necessarily the trip itself. It’s the joy brought during the planning process and anticipation of the trip. So, if you can’t get away spent a little bit of time planning your next getaway. Just carve out a few hours on the weekend to figure out the best place to visit, where you’ll be staying, how much you’ll need to save to make it happen.

Check It Off Your Bucket List

Have you always dreamed of trying archery, bungee jumping, tree-trekking, sky diving, or visiting that tourist attraction in your hometown that you’ve never gotten around to? Consider booking it in your calendar this weekend and making a lasting memory.

Explore Along The Water

Whether it’s a walk along the waterfront of your town, a river near you, or renting a canoe and setting sail, water can be a calming influence. If you’re not feeling like a walk along the water’s edge, consider booking a reservation at a restaurant or café with a pastoral view while you eat. It is officially patio season after all!

Learn A New Skill

There are some neat classes you can take for a few hours over a weekend that will get you communing with nature. Consider taking a survivalist course, a paddle boarding lesson, learning archery, or anything else new that gets you outside.

Get Relaxing

Book a massage, spa day, or go and visit some hot springs for a day, to unwind. If that’s not your thing consider hitting a yoga class or trying some Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing).

Make It Instagram Worthy

With a social media-based reality, why not go out and take some photos to fill your Instagram Feed (and maybe even the walls of your home) with some beautiful pictures. Wake up early and capture a sunrise! Look up what’s blooming near you, and visit one of the many photo worthy locales whether it’s a graffiti alley, lavender farm, patch of cherry blossom trees, or that waterfall you hiked to!

Cheers to Good Times

With the increasing trend of local wineries and craft breweries giving tours and tastings, there are new spots to check out and support around every corner. Why not book one and find your new favourite libation to take on your next camping trip? Fancy yourself a foodie? Go and checkout one of the many food and farmer’s markets and make a meal to remember. Going away this weekend? To discover 10 of our amazing camping hacks click here. Worried about camping in the rain? Check out our handy hacks to help keep you dry here.