10 Little Camping Hacks That Make a Big Difference

10 Little Camping Hacks That Make a Big Difference
The prime weekend in Canada where people really begin to embrace the idea of outdoor living and escape is the May 24. We’re too excited to wait until then. It’s officially spring and time to start planning your romp with Mother Nature. What your time in the great outdoors looks like is entirely up to you. Some prefer the comforts of a cabin, cottage, RV, or yurt. Others like nothing more than a tent or a ground sheet and a view of the stars to mark their commune with good old Vitamin N! Whether glamping or roughing it is the name of your game – we have 10 outdoor living hacks that you’ll want to put into play, long before you start booking camp sites and chopping firewood.

No Space, No Problem

In place of packing pillows, pack pillow cases instead. Then use your clean clothes as the stuffing to rest your head on each night.

To Keep Your Spices Dry

No one wants to bring their spice cabinet camping, but properly seasoned food tastes so good. Save your empty Tic Tac containers to bring just the right amount of spices on your trip. For those who don’t use Tic Tacs, consider filling up plastic straws with your spices of choice and flame seal the ends. Speaking of spices, to keep the mosquitoes away without the DEET, place bundles of sage in your campfire. Bonus, it smells great!

Instant Ambiance

Your lighting solutions don’t need to be expensive. Battery powered votive candles placed into empty plastic containers (like peanut butter ones) make great lanterns. Convert your headlamp to a lantern by shining the light inwards on any type of transparent (or near transparent) container that is filled with water.

Unusual Kindling

Doritos taste great after a long day on the trails. Both Doritos and Fritos corn chips make excellent kindling to start a fire. Don’t want to sacrifice your snacks? Hand sanitizer also works as fire starter.

Safety Socks

Some of the best advice that Lieutenant Dan Taylor gives in the movie Forrest Gump is, “Try and keep your feet dry when we're out humpin'.” This applies to soldiers and those who love the great outdoors. Keep one pair of clean, dry, fresh socks safely stowed in your sleeping bag. They’ll keep you warm at night and save your bacon during a particularly rainy adventure.

Make Coffee Like Tea

Some people won’t travel without their coffee. Consider making coffee ‘bags’ to brew in hot water. Simply put some ground coffee into a coffee filter and tie with unflavoured dental floss. Really save on space by making your coffee ‘bags’ before you leave home.

The Hot Water Bottle

If you or someone you camp with is constantly cold, simply make your own hot water bottle. After you enjoy your hot cup of cocoa by the fire in the evening, let the water cool a little. Then fill up your Nalgene water bottle with the rest of the warm water and put it in the bottom your sleeping bag to help keep your toes warm. Just make sure you seal it properly or you’ll end up with a wet sleeping bag.

To Dry Soggy Shoes

Whether you step in a soaker during a hike or are hit with a rain storm, dry feet are keys to comfort and safety. Take out your insoles and put newspaper or dry clothing (that you won’t want to wear) into your boots or shoes to help dry them out quickly.

Off Grid Power Solutions

Sometimes a fire to cook your meal isn’t in the cards. Other times maybe even though you’re ‘offline’ you need to check into work on your laptop. Consider enjoying a bit of electricity on your own terms while you remain with nature, through portable and compact solutions, like Car Generator.

Cooler Meets Water Supply

To have an ample water supply and a colder cooler, freeze large jugs of water and place them in your cooler. You can use them for drinking water later if they haven’t had any contact with raw meat and other foods that could make you sick.