10 Hacks for Camping in the Rain

10 Hacks for Camping in the Rain
The May long weekend is coming up quickly, and as campers and RVers gear up for camping season it’s always best to go in prepared. Meteorologists from The Weather Network predict this spring will feature, “near normal precipitation across most of Canada, but above normal precipitation is expected for parts of northern Ontario and Manitoba and from the central coast of B.C. to the Yukon." Whether it’s a rainy or dry season, it always pays to be well-prepared for the rain. That's why we've provided 10 of our best hacks to help you make camping comfortable on rainy days.

Waterproof Before You Leave Home

Prevention is one of your best defences against the rain. If you’re tent camping and your tent has seen a few seasons apply some water repellent and seal the seams with a waterproof seam sealer. RV campers should regularly inspect for old and cracked sealant. Remove it, apply new caulking where needed around your windows, doors, and vents. Don’t forget to use an RV awning tape (and have one on hand) to prevent small rips from becoming a huge inconvenience. Keep some plumbers putty in your RV for a quick fix for a leak during the rain so you can repair at home (out of the rain).

Location, Location, Location

When booking a campsite look for something with some elevation and avoid areas directly beside a lake or river. Lower areas tend to accumulate run-off and should be avoided. When setting up camp, consider positioning your tent towards the morning sun. This will help dry out your gear faster. Look for spots with trees to affix your tarps to, for added shelter.

Create an Outdoor Living Room

If you bring plenty of tarps for the ground, overhead, and to break wind, you can still enjoy some outdoor time in light showers. Make camping social and set up your camping chairs, bust out the cards, and even enjoy the pitter patter of rain on your tarp instead of heading to your tent for the night.

A Dry Clothing Line

If you’re tent camping set up a dry clothing line under your tarp. This provides a space for clothes to drip without getting your tent wet. If you’re in an RV use your shower to dry out sopping clothes without making a mess.

Zip Up Electronics

Something as simple as Ziploc bags can be used to help protect your personal electronics. Freezer quart bags are heavy duty and will fit most of your electronic gear. Have something bigger? Look for the gallon bags.

For Dry Feet

Putting a plastic bag in your tent to set wet shoes on will prevent a mess. If you’re keeping them outside of the tent, put them on their side under your fly to keep them from filling up with water. Dry out wet shoes quickly by filling them with newspaper.

Fire In The Rain

If you manage a campfire in the rain, you have a better chance of keeping it burning by using big logs on top with large spaces for oxygen. The bigger logs will protect the coals beneath and keep things burning.

Pack The Right Clothes

Cotton clothing isn’t great for the rain. Wool is King (or Queen)! Wool has fantastic insulation and wicking to keep you warm and dry. Even better is investing in Merino Wool which wicks moisture way from your body, and has smaller fibres making it less itchy. Merino wool also has anti-odor properties which will help you smell fresh, even if you’re a little soggy.

Best Comfort Food Ahead

Warm tea, hot cocoa, chili, soups, and macaroni and cheese are excellent comfort foods for the rain. These can be prepared on a single burner unit if you can’t get your fire working or using electricity from your CarGenerator to plug in and warm up.

Back At Home

After you unpack from your rainy trip remember to clean and dry your gear. This will prevent mold and damage. RV campers should roll out their awnings and any slide outs to make sure they dry properly. To check out more of our camping hacks click here.